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"Miguel (salesman),george (head mgr), chris (finance mgr), eric(service repair mgr) & mike. I got financed with horrible credit & bought a beautiful 2014 Dodge ram pickup. Thanks everyone at Danis. PS love my truck. "
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DealerRater - Aug 18, 2016 -
"They gave me a car with no credit. I highly recommend them to everyone. It took only a few hours and the service was great. "
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DealerRater - Feb 10, 2016 -
"Im so happy with this company. I don't have the best credit but I have a good job and they treated me like I was the president of the united states. This is the way car financing should be!"
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DealerRater - Feb 6, 2016 -
"I stopped by Dani's Auto Sales yesterday in dire need of a vehicle. A reliable vehicle that I could afford. Angel really gave me the opportunity to explain my situation and need and provided an amazing deal for me and my family. There is nothing better than walking into a place and knowing that the persons position doesn't define there level of care, respect, and understanding of a person! "
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DealerRater - Feb 4, 2016 -
"If you ever need great service and an amazing car go to dani auto sales! They are amazing and very helpful. All the cars are in tip top shape and the staff is awesome. They are always determined to find a car that meets all your needs. I highly recommend this dealer to everyone"
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DealerRater - Feb 1, 2016 -
"I absolutely love my experience at Danis Auto of North East Philly. They were not pushy and very respectful. I went to several dealers after visiting them and decided to come back to them. My shopping experience was quick and the staff was so friendly. My salesman has made me feel like a valuable customer. The whole team was so helpful in every way Angel, George, Joe ,Natalie, Roy, Chris and John"
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DealerRater - Jan 27, 2016 -

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